Chinese steel prices into the late industrialization development should "extension of the internal."

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December 25, Chinese steel expert said in an interview that China is experiencing a severe test of steel, steel market demand growth slowed, which means that China advanced stage of industrialization, the development of iron and steel enterprises should "extension of the internal."
Chief analyst at China Steel Industry Association, said Li Shijun, 2011, Chinese steel production a new high, while China Steel Sales margins and lows, five-second "period, China's steel demand growth slowed, excess capacity ceiling has tentacles accessible.
Metallurgical Planning Research Institute Li Chong said that at present, China's steel facing a severe test, from the international environment, the impact of the international financial crisis far-reaching, severe and complicated world economic environment, long and tortuous road to recovery; the demand for steel products to He said fixed asset investment growth rate decreased significantly, China's steel industry "winter" has arrived.
How to cope with difficulties for iron and steel enterprises, Li Chong said that in this era of meager profit, steel and iron and steel enterprises should be to improve the variety and quality, and expand the scale of the relocation of caution out projects, the development of international development projects to develop.
"China's development of important strategic opportunities in the content and conditions of the international environmental change dramatically. Opportunities we face is no longer a simple integration into the global division of labor system, expand exports, to speed up the traditional investment opportunities, but we expanded Forced domestic demand, increase innovation, promote new opportunities for economic development mode shift. we have a deep understanding of, seize, and effectively make good use of this new opportunity to capitalize on the trend, the flow, to seek greater efforts in the ever-changing international environment national interests. "metallurgical planning Research Institute Li Chong said.
Statistics show that in recent years, our existing steel business enterprises is about 200,000, of which more than Liucheng annual turnover of 500 million or less More than 90% of the steel trade enterprises are small and medium category. Key medium-sized enterprises of steel products based on marketing statistics, China's steel product sales mainly direct supply, marketing and export of steel.




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