China's steel exports lead the multinational anti-dumping protests

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Korea Trade Commission 20 release for the Chinese-made H-shaped steel anti-dumping findings of the report, China's steel imports from South Korea led to increased domestic steel prices and market share decline. It is reported that South Korean Trade Commission will decide whether to recent Chinese anti-dumping tariffs on steel imports.
ROK survey reported that Chinese steel prices originally sold at low prices continued to decline, leading Korean steel price subsequently fell "due to Chinese products with relative price advantage in a substantial increase in market share in Korea, resulting in Korean products relative reduction in market share. "South Korean steel industry stakeholders also called for South Korea need to adopt anti-dumping tariffs and other means to maintain normal market order.
It is understood that similar anti-dumping cases against Chinese-made steel products has emerged in many countries. According to informed sources, the EU will be made on Chinese imports of cold-rolled stainless steel anti-dumping tariff ruling this month on the 26th, it plans to import from China and Taiwan cold rolled stainless steel plate were imposed 20% to 25.2% and 10.9% to 15% of the tariff.
Several major US steelmaker said recently that they will be hearing this month internal steel industry Parliamentary Group of Congress to testify. Industry analysts said they would like to at least US citizenship Trade Commission filed an anti-dumping complaint.
In India, between April 2014 to January 2015 imports of some cheap Chinese steel products have surged by nearly 200%. In this situation, a number of steelmakers are seeking to adopt trade-related measures by the Indian authorities, such as raising tariffs. It is reported that India's annual consumption of industrial grade stainless steel up to 100 tons, of which over 40% is imported from China and other countries.
Iran has recently announced its decision to impose on imported steel products by 10% to 20% of the tariff, "to protect the domestic steel industry from Chinese dumping policy damage."
In addition, Australia's Anti-Dumping Committee also launched an investigation of more than a dozen cases, these cases alleging China and other Asian countries are dumping steel products.
For multinational steel products for China's anti-dumping war, insiders said that China's steel exports do not involve dumping. Lange Steel Network analysts believe that China's exports of steel products belong to the low-end steel products, "China's steel production costs low, while having a relative price advantage, but we did not export prices below cost of production."


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